Role of China and India in Post-Crisis Travel

By May 27, 2020 Popular, Recent, Tourism

As with China’s pre-coronavirus dominance of tourism arrival maps, the largest outbound market for tourism, continues to dominate the vast majority of the discussion on the recovery of tourism, with more Asian Pacific countries locked down from coronavirus.

Though India remains fighting the global pandemic within its borders, and still needs to emerge from its weeks-long lock-up, industry players in Asia are urging more attention to the other very populated market in the world, given the fact that its pre-crisis production is behind China.

Indian is also a tourism powerhouse which few Asia-Pacific destinations can afford to ignore, and a lesson laid when the Chinese outbound market was stopped abruptly at the advent of the coronavirus crisis was taken into consideration the need to minimize over reliance on a single sector.

Strong Poised Rebound

While the global pandemic has brought global downturn for the tourism sector, the industry is proud to believe that India is in a strong position to recover by the last quarter of this year in the midst of existing Covid 19 lock-down and restriction lifting forecasts.

India is such a large country and customers are led by a different way of thinking between the north and the south, local festivals and school holidays. For western India, travel out may begin by October although for the rest of the country it may start by the end of this year.

No matter how the travel and recovery timetable after pandemics is still very uncertain, Indian workers from the age of 30 to 45 are assumed to lead the tourism sector initially to domestic destinations before they can fly to international destinations such as Bangkok, Singapore and Hong Kong.

The long lockdown period for coronavirus in India that has been enforced since 24 March and run until 17 May further encourages the higher demand for travel among working people of the country, many of whom were even more busy working at home during this time.

In particular Thailand, as the Kingdom is mostly seen as a safer destination than India, is able to harvest the first surge of Indian tourism rebounds.

Thailand expects five out of ten Indian travelers to Thailand once the doors are open. However, the foreign potential will be settled by airlines.

Not Living the Potential

When countries emerge from coronavirus locks and prepare their tourism recovery plans, China once more seems to be shadowing India’s potential of recovery in the tourism market.

Although it is understandable that destinations and industry players are interested in travelers from China, the first to be locked out by viruses, few destinations have outlined their recovery strategies and attempts to regain the Indian market.

India ‘s potential lies in strengthening its relationship with its global neighbors, Europe and the US. Throughout the coming months, India has many cards to play, and tourism could be one of them.

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