After Global Meeting 2017

Turkey has grasped the importance of tourism for the past 20-25 years, and it has achieved an outstand ing success by setting itself apart globally. At World Tourism Forum, we put in dedicated efforts to set the bar higher in this field.

According to the data by the World Tourism Organization, Turkey was one of the six most visited countries last year. This success belongs to all of us. We strive to spread this achievement worldwide because tourism is the most powerful means to save the World from its current state. Therefore, our most primary duty is to do this and develop tourism all over the world without discrimination.

We decided and intended to open up to countries with development potential and capacity, hold the next meetings there and introduce the beauties in Turkey and the rest of the world. Today we came together in the opening of Global Meeting 2017 as a result of this decision, and intention.

The World Tourism Forum carried out its most recent event in Russia before the Global Meeting and attracted great interest. Our next events will enable us not only to promote the host country but also to attract investors to Turkey. Therefore, we will put in efforts to ensure that international investors preparing for a new tourism investment choose our nation. As is known, land planning is crucial for tourism investments. Our government accelerates planning processes and carries on its determined efforts. We also act with the same effort, intention, and determination.

Tourism is a means of economic transformation, one of the most important means to promote our country in the world, and the most important factor underlying the future of our youth and the global peace. For this reason, we place a strong emphasis on tourism, we hold our new events in different countries and highlight our country’s name in the industry in gold letters.

We put out all the stops and will continue to do so to let our country reach a desirable leve of recognition, quality, standing, and prestige. We know that tourism will contribute to regional peace and cooperation considerably. Similarly, we believe that peace and collaboration will enhance tourism. At the World Tourism Forum, we aim to do our due share to develop global tourism and transform it on a peaceful foundation. We show great respect and appreciation to the efforts of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, our President, and Binali Yıldırım, our Prime Minister, in ensuring peace, friendship, and amity in our country and the world.

Today countries need to show deeper understanding towards each other. We set out on this blessed journey to develop tourism, which we believe plays a great role in ensuring peace. And their participation in the Global Meeting honored us. I wish that the Global Meeting 2017 brings peace to all of us in Istanbul, Turkey, neighboring countries, our region and the entire world. The whole world needs peace.