Luanda will be the Next Tourism Capital of the World

From yesterday until tomorrow, Luanda is the tourism capital of the world. One thousand and five hundred are the participants who will meet, discuss, present suggestions, solutions and ways in an event designed to promote investment and boost Angolan tourism.

The World Tourism Forum will invest US $ 1 billion over the coming years to contribute to the development of the sector in Angola, according to the president of the Bulut Bagci Forum, which was in Luanda in March this year.

According to him, the investment will comply with the National Tourism Development Plan, as an integral part of the National Development Plan. In his view, Angola has great potential in the tourism sector and indicated that the holding of the forum in the capital will bring investment opportunities for the construction, transportation and job creation sectors.

A protocol of cooperation between the World Tourism Forum and the Ministry of Hospitality and Tourism was also signed to attract investment and boost national tourism.

The trusteeship is considered to be a partnership agreement with the organization that owns the brand, which defines the responsibilities of the World Tourism Forum and the ministry within the framework of the organization of the forum scheduled for the coming days.

This is how, Angola, begins a new cycle that will make known to the world and to all those who wish to enjoy their landscape and cultural potential, the opportunity to visit places and meet people, habits customs and traditions that make Angola one of the countries.

Names like Kalandula, in the impetuous liquid beauty of their falls. Tundavala in the vertigo of an abyss of more than a thousand meters, which window opened to the immensity. Kwanza, the mythical river that gave its name to the national currency and kisses the feet of Senhora da Muxima, the most venerated of the Angolan sisters. The river Cunene, born in the heart of Angola and that a thousand kilometers later plunges into the Ruacaná in a jump of more than 120 meters or spreads in enigmatic serenity when, at the mouth, it blends with the blue of the Atlantic sea. Natural parks where wildlife abounds ...

Kissama, right on the doorstep of Luanda, Cangandala habitat of the famous Royal Black Palanca, unique in the world or the Iona Park of sands dotted by the unique, exclusive welvitschia mirabilis, the enigmatic plant of the Namibe desert that can live more than a thousand years. Go through the mysterious Namibe with its sands of sand, an abode of snakes, majestic lions, snazzy hyenas, bouncing gazelles, fast cheetahs, curious meerkats, a living world that fills the eyes and enchants the spirits. The Maiombe, the inscrutable forest, one of the largest natural reserves in the world in the immensity of its two thousand kilometers. And the sea. Of golden beaches and warm waters.

And the music. The dance. The rhythms. The sounds. The colors. The suits. The unique sunsets. The voice of the silences that fill us when away from the cities. The song of the wind in the endless lands. The rain that smells the wet earth smell that, they say, unique and unforgettable. The mornings of cacimbo this light and white curtain that transforms reality into sphincteric silhouettes.

Angola. Open doors to the world. Pallet of a thousand colors, charm for the eyes of all who want to know and see with love.