Big Data Is Key to Creating Sustainable Travel Solutions

By February 27, 2020 Recent, Tourism

According to a Travel Technology Europe survey, 44 percent of travel technology experts expect that ‘ Big Data ‘ has the most significant impact on sustainable travel growth.

In combination with a number of other technologies which experts say can lead to the development of more sustainable travel solutions, big data, which allow patterns, trends and associations related to human behavior and interactions to be detected and analyzed.

For instance, over-tourism has data analysis tools that show which destinations are up and coming and which are able to grow in their spare capacity. Helping travelers know that a world is not only connected to over-tourism destinations but also to Amsterdam, Barcelona and Dubrovnik is just the beginning.

Travel providers must experiment with alternative products and services that demonstrate the willingness of premium customers to pay for sustainable travel. Sustainable travel opportunities are simply a public relations exercise without data.

Also emphasized in the survey was “geo-location technology,” that can help boost local economies and create more sustainable communities with the detection of nearby attractions, eateries, and transport options; carbon calculators (30%) that can monitor their carbon footprint and how to minimize it by travelers and travel companies; and “electric / hybrid technography” Only 16% agree that “virtual reality” will have a great impact on the prospects of sustainable tourism.

The survey listed sustainable travel and climate change as two of the industry’s most significant challenges: 45% and 44% respectively of respondents. Further, 47 percent have commented that their consumers are seeking more environmentally friendly, sustainable options: an indication that environmental concerns are becoming increasingly important in the tourism industry.

The industry has a duty to respond in a way that is consistent with the maturity of today’s travel booking technology with enhanced analytical capabilities, allowing travel companies not only to provide their customers with optimum choice and customer service but also to use associated data to improve mobile services. with the sustainability line right at the top.

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