Bulut Bağcı

Bulut Bağcı is a foresighted, success-oriented businessman. As an entrepreneur, he is talented to see the short-comings in industries and fills the gaps with successful strategies.

He graduated from Tourism Administration department at Boğaziçi University, Istanbul in 2009. He has had more than 8 years of work experience in many non-governmental organizations both in national and international arena and over 10 years of experience in tourism industry.

In 2014 he established the World Tourism Forum, since then has been the President of the Executive Board. He is also the founder and CEO of Linkline Event and World Tourism Development.

For being an experienced Tourism administrator at his young age, he saw the absence of an international tourism conference that industry leaders gather together to discuss the future of the tourism industry. Accordingly, he started World Tourism Forum in 2014. In spite of being a very young platform, World Tourism Forum has received a big potential and started to be mentioned as the Davos of international tourism industry.

World Tourism Forum is organized several times a year, under the auspices of national governments of numerous countries, in global centers around the world, bringing together world tourism leaders and tourism industry representatives. Meetings are held in different cities around the world. Each meeting of World Tourism Forum makes an overwhelming impression and sets the trends in tourism industry.

As a member of multiple non-executive boards, he is often invited as a guest speaker to various international events, conferences and gives speeches on future planning and strategies regarding international tourism.