A Tourism Information Note on Turkey

By April 14, 2020 Recent, Tourism

Turkish tourism, which has been rising steadily with the AK Party government, gained importance, knowledge and experience in 17 years. It has risen to the 6th place in world tourism with the number of tourists from 13 million to 46 million. The peak year of Turkish tourism was 2014 and the number of tourists was 41 million 600 thousand and tourism income was 34 billion dollars.

Due to the problems in international relations and security, a decrease in Turkish tourism started in 2015, however, in 2015, 41 million tourists visited and 31 billion dollars of tourism income was obtained. Terrorist activities in 2016, negativities in international relations, especially in our main tourism markets, and the July 15 treacherous coup attempt caused a turbulence in Turkish tourism, yet the number of tourists coming to our country was 30 million.

In this period, our main tourism markets have been closely cooperated with important tour operators around the world, including Germany, England and Russia, and the negative perception and image towards our country has been tried to be minimized by carrying out effective and productive promotion activities through intensive cultural and artistic activities and public relations studies.

As a matter of fact, 2017 was a year of recovery and 37 million tourists visited our country. As foreseen, as of 2018, as well as effective promotion activities carried out in the end of 2017 and in the first quarter of 2018, approximately 46 million foreign tourists visited our country and tourism revenue of 29.5 billion dollars was obtained.

Turkey is maintaining its speed to meet its 2023 goals, breaking records in the tourism sector. And every enthusiast of travel needs to know what they are.

Latest statistics from the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK), show that the Turkish tourism sector continues to experience a positive trend, while the country alone will likely gain $34.5 billion from tourism, along with the growing number of incoming visitors, marking a historic milestone.

With regard to growth, the Turkish Tourism Ministry announced that in 2019 most incoming tourists come from Russia with seven million visitors to Turkey, followed by Germany. There are 3rd position Bulgarians, with 2.7 million visitors, followed by the United Kingdom and Iran. The United Kingdom and Iran are fourth and fifth.

Istanbul, Turkey’s cultural and historical capital and Antalya were the top destinations to visit. These two cities welcomed almost 30 million visitors last year.

Big potential for health tourism

Turkey has become one of the world’s leading countries in the healthcare sector under the Health Transformation Program which began in 2003.

Over the last decade, the nation has achieved high standards for both its hospitals and healthcare practitioners with the aid of the programme.

Another important aspect of the health tourism, along with medical tourism and thermal tourism, is medical treatment for the elderly and the disabled.

A strong tourist flow to Antalya

In recent years Antalya has become a world-famous brand. It has more than 1,700 attractions and 600,000 beds in terms of accommodation.

For Antalya alone there are 421 five-star hotels, more than Spain’s five-star hotels, which is perceived to be the biggest competitor in the Mediterranean.

In addition to offering the sea, beach, sun, and historical and natural beauty, Antalya provides different alternatives. With just three hours, tourists who come for sea tourism can also enter the resorts.

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